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Pick the service below that meets your needs. From virtual coaching to running form, we’ve got all it needs to help you become a better and happier runner.

Custom Training Program

Personalised and customised training plan based on your requirements. Our team has the knowledge, experiences and tools to help prepare your next race.

Online Virtual Coaching

Achieve your best running potential with premium virtual coaching service. Get personal attention, specific advice, data analysis, race strategy and more.

Running Technique Assessment

Run faster, more efficient and stay injury-free with a specialised running technique and program developed by Olympic coach, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, Ph.D.

Friendly Community Training

Suitable for academic organizations or corporations. Our coach has vast of experience in handling small and large group with high interaction sessions.


After attended my 1st RFA clinic coaching, I am able to put into practice what I have learnt. My pace has improved and now I can run much longer too. I am looking forward to join the next clinic to improve my core strength.
Ang Beng Seng
RFA’s training has helped me tremendously in improving my run; Coach Sam’s clear teaching method made it very easy to understand the concept of Pose Method running. The training had also helped alleviate the constant running injuries I was facing. Within the short 3 months I had with RFA, my run timing had improved very significantly.
上了RFA的Pose method 之后,让我了解跑步基本功(Fundamental)绝对是不可或缺的。过去常常面对路跑后受伤的懊恼,现在不单沒有担心,还能控制和调整出一个让自己最舒服的姿态迎接每个跑步的赛事。
Ng Yung Hua
I came across POSE Method on the Internet few years ago and bought the book by Dr Romanov. Then I had the chance to attend Sam’s running clinics organised by KLCC Running Group in 2016 and EcoSys in 2018. over the years my running mechanic deteriorated and I decided to sign up for Sam’s PM class to get a much better analysis of my running and boy, it really helps. I have improved my Zone 2 pace well by a minute effortlessly and no injury. Recently I signed up and attended the advanced class and now I can help and analyse my family and friends running too. Thanks Sam and Pose Method.
I have started running for about 2 years and have completed several half marathons with a PB of 2 hours 5 minutes but needed someone to help me improve my pace and to complete a full marathon, with a decent timing. Sam helped me understand and improve my techniques on the Pose Method of running in a series of small group workouts. I have always looked forward to his sessions which are interesting, informative and very scientifically-based. Now I feel I am a more efficient runner and can cover greater distances at a better pace.
Thomas Fong
I’m glad that I signed up and paid a running program with RFA in 2019. People would think it is ridiculous to pay a coach who teaches you how to run. But the money that I paid for the program was really worth it. RFA’s coaches are very patient yet strict to their students to follow the program. In a way, they teaches us how to be self-discipline and yet be kind to our body. The journey during 14 weeks program also remind us to encourage one and another and not for comparison who clock-in furthest mileages.
Miki Cheah


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